Who Are the hair Thieves?

The Hair Thieves are a duo from Shropshire UK. The band consists of Chris "Rollasoc" Rollason (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Mandolin, Programming) and Ian "E" Packman (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Programming).

They also occasionally collaborate with other musician's in Shropshire, as well as few from other parts of the world.

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What style of music do the Hair Thieves Play?

The Hair Thieves play a mixture of ambient indie pop rock soundtracks.

We sound like a mashup of Mansun, Elbow, The Foals, Oceansize, Idlewild, Radiohead, The editors, Everclear, Stereophonics, PJ Harvey mixed 80's pop, 70's punk, some ambient music and occasional movie soundtracks.

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Why the Hair Thieves?

The name comes from an Eddie Izzard sketch about old ladies shopping and why they buy hair nets.

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Why so eclectic? Surely you'd do better specialising?

Agreed, being eclectic means, most people won't like everything we do, but they should like something we do!

But you have to question why you are making music in the first place. Is it for the money? Is it for the fame? In which case probably you should specialise

Here at the Hair Thieves, we want to write music that we want to listen to. We let the song dictate it's style, letting it grow organically. Given our wide ranging influences, this means that we cover a lot of bases. We are not looking for fame and fortune.

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Why don't you play live very often?

We would love to play live more often, it is a matter of timings.

Due to work and family commitments, we don't get enough time to see each other to write and record. This makes rehearsing and playing live more difficult.

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