• Apotemnophilia
  • Break The Casino
  • Girl With Two Names (Acoustic)
  • Boeotia

Total Length: 16:38


  1. Originally recorded during a week off work in November 2005. The plan was to write and record 4 songs in a week.
  2. Three of the four songs were finished. The fourth song was scrapped as E was asked to join the band.
  3. Apotemnophila, is based on the documentary I watched once on a relatively disturbing topic. Look it up on google.
  4. Break The Casino was written, by E and Red Star Radio guitarist Guy Lawson.
  5. Break The Casino started life as a demo, E and Guy asked Chris to record for Red Star Radio, prior to the bands relocation away from Shropshire.
  6. Girl With Two Names, was the first song Rollasoc wrote as the Hair Thieves in 2000 / 2001. (Though he had recorded Baited Breath previously as the Hair Thieves, that was written when he was at uni, in a band called Shallow.)
  7. Boeotia is greek. Just liked the name. The aim was to write a song with no guitars in.