• Deep Down You Know That I'm Wrong
  • Deep Down You Know That I'm Right
  • Leaving
  • Strange Familiar World
  • Fail Song


  1. Most of the EP was written in mid 2013 / early 2014. It was recorded late 2013 then throughout 2014. It was mixed in the summer of 2014
  2. This is the second EP where we haven't collaborated with anyone.
  3. This is the first EP with five tracks on.
  4. Leaving is the first Hair Thieves tune where E has the lead vocals (he also sings backup on Deep Down You know That I'm Wrong)
  5. Deep Down You Know That I'm Right was written for FAWM in February 2014
  6. Strange Familiar World, is a re-recording of a quite old unreleased Hair Thieves tune.
  7. The Fail Song, is called the Fail Song since we failed to write lyrics for it on more than one occasion (originally Reverie Part 1 was scheduled for EP6.).