• Chemistry
  • New Opportunist
  • 21st CSM
  • Reverie Part 2

Total Length: 16:07


  1. The vast majority of this was recorded in the first week on November 2008. The rest of it over the next two years.
  2. Chemistry is one of those songs that exceeded our expectations.
  3. New Opportunist features again the wonderful Clare Francis on backing vocals
  4. New Opportunist lyrics were written, by Red Star Radio guitarist Guy Lawson.
  5. 21st CSM is a reworking of the old Hair Thieves tune, 21st Century Schzoid Man. No, Rollasoc was unaware of the King Crimson song when he wrote it.
  6. Reverie Part 2. Yes there is a part 1. We might even finish it at some point.